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We specialize in the design & development of packaging lines, particularly in the Food & Pharmaceutical industry.
An enthusiastic and professional team is ready to realize the complete process. After a briefing interview, the development,
construction and positioning of the packaging line will follow.
We provide free remote technical support.
In Most Countries and Regions in the world, our local team there provides Door-to-Door Installation and Maintenance

We offer input regarding the entire layout of the packaging line and come up with cost-effective and often surprising solutions.

Our packaging automation solutions include the following components and modules, which we integrate into a customized and efficient system for you.

Collation Systems

Our high-speed Collation Systems can organize clutter in order so that they can be detected and identified separately.

Sorting Systems

Generally, weight sorter and X-ray sorter are important components of sorting system. They can be freely integrated into the packaging system according to your needs.

Case Erectors

Our automated case ​erecting machine takes a flat case ​and assembles it ready for products to be packed inside, can handle cases of varying shapes and sizes.

Case Packers

Our delta robot based case loading machines make sure your products are placed within case packaging in a efficient manner, moreover, case packers can be customized.

Case Sealing and Strapping machines

Our case sealing and strapping machines have high stability. They can be integrated and easily controlled.


Our cobot-robot-based palletizer designed for case & box palletizing under 20kg, cost-effective, easy in installation and high efficient.

Automatic Trays Feeders

Customized excellent automatic trays feeders and the accuracy is up to 99.5%, Whether trays are made of paper or plastic.

Robotic Picker Cells

The high-speed pick-and-place systems based on delta robots realize high-efficiency production and save human resources. Speed up to 120ppm per robot.

Horizontal Flow Wrap Packing Machines

We integrate the customized horizontal flow wrap packing machine with our picker cell to make production more stable and efficient. If you choose different suppliers, you need to waste a lot of time communicating how to integrate them.

Cartoning Machines

We integrate the customized Cartoning Machine with our picker cell to make production more stable and efficient. If you choose different suppliers, you need to waste a lot of time communicating how to integrate them.

Some of Our Completed Projects

  • Challenge

    Our customer, a global market leader in the rice flour industry, needed a automated secondary packaging solution to meet a high growing demand for their products from the world.
    1 ‰ bags get broken from Vertical Fill Seal Machine and need to be sorted.


    The vision system with AI is integrated with our case packer to identify the damaged bags. The intact bags are packed in boxes one by one, and then neatly stacked on the pallet by palletizer. The whole process does not require human participation, which is 50% more efficient than the previous manual secondary packaging.

  • Challenge

    Our customer, a world-famous desiccant manufacturer, needed a automated secondary packaging solution to make manufacturing capabilities more competitive.
    The phenomenon of two or three objects stacked together often occurs.


    Two picker cells based on delta robots are integrated together to form a ring, which perfectly solves the picking and placing of stacked objects, and achieves high-efficiency production with a small footprint.

  • Challenge

    Our customer, a famous food manufacturer in China, needed a automated transit packaging solution to Increase productivity. The customer expects to load 24000 objects to trays per hour, all processes are automated, including trays feeding, X-ray inspection, tray loading, weight sorting, film wrapping.


    Our engineers overcame the odds and achieved the productivity required by the client using only 5 delta robots. And designed a special set of automated trays feeder for customers.
    The high-efficiency automated packaging line doubles the daily output of the customer's factory.

We have more completed automated packaging line projects,please contact us to learn more.

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