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The WARSONCO sausage loader has been developed for the most demanding customers.
It is an extremely versatile system and an easy to use sausage machine.

The Most Versatile Sausage Loader for Every Packing Configuration

Sausage Manufacturer do rarely manufacture only one type of sausage but usually deal with a very large range where recipes, diameter, length, weight and casing vary. The Sausage Loader can load all types of sausages whatever the diameter, length, with or without casing (including cellulose casing).

Free Setting of Loading Direction

When it comes to load into the thermoforming machine, the Sausage Loader can place sausages in all direction, parallel or perpendicular to the film movement.

Easy to Clean

All parts in contact with sausage are made of stainless steel. To avoid water retention area, the Sausage Loader is designed in a way to avoid any horizontal flat surface and to have only inclined surfaces.

Gentle Handing Sausages

We spent a lot of time on ensuring our Sausage Loader can handle your sausage carefully.
Firstly, sausages will be carefully transferred to the Centrifugal Machine through a sanitary smooth belt.
Then, sausages will rotate on the cone of the centrifuge, and under the action of centrifugal force, they are transferred to the centrifuge鈥檚 edge one by one.
Thirdly, sausages will be driven on the exit of V-Conveyor one by one. The Length Sorter will remove the off-dimension sausages, and the in-sized sausages will be transferred to the Timing Belt .
Finally, the robot will gently pick up and place sausages into Vacuum Packaging Machine.

According to your production needs, choose single path or dual path.

According to your space needs, choose vertical layout or parallel layout.

According to the packaging specifications of sausage, customized EOAT.

Technical Introduction

NameSausage loading system
Number of PathSingleDual
Frame Material304# Stainless Steel
Applicable sausage sizeDiameter   18-32mm, Length 60-140mm, Weight 35-70g
SpeedUp   to 500 units.min-1Up   to 1000 units.min-1
Air pressure0.6-0.8 mpa
Power Supply380V,50HZ & Customization
Parts brandSchneider, Omron, Delta, Leuze, Inovance,   Panasonic
Overall sizeL8000*W3030*H2800mm(Vertical)   L5980*W3800*H2700mm(Parallel)L8600*W4200*H2800mm