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Time To Rethink Automated End-of-Line Solutions

Achieve perfect case packing for pouches without affecting production efficiency.

  • Simply Control

    Austrian KEBA Control System is used in 3-in-1 packaging system , stressing on USABILITY and visualization. Packing plan can be setup by operator in a matter of minutes.

  • Pouches Random Orientation

    Pouches coming from conveyor in random placement can be quickly recognized , picked accurately, and placed orderly.

  • Space-Saving

    The machine expanded volume is only L4250 x L2680 x H2617mm.

  • Easy Maintenance

    Our machine is stable and reliable with few vulnerable parts. We also provide certain spare parts freely enough for you to use 2+ years, super cost-effective price to you if want more spare parts.

Almost applicable for any common types of plastic pouches.
Welcome for trial testing if your pouch is not included in table below.

Machine Details

1. Infeed conveyor 2. Electric box 3. Vacuum pump 4. Delta robot 5. Vision system
6. Frame 7. Case erector 8. HMI 9. Case storage area 10. Case sealer

Technical introduction
Allowable   Bags SizeL50-500*W50-450*H5-100mm
Allowable Cases SizeL260-500*W200-450*H150-400mm
Case Material Requirements≥ 3-layer corrugated   paper
Robot Speed40-120PPM,different products,the   speed may vary.
Case Erector Speed6    per min
Conveyor Belt HeightInfeed:H950mm; Outfeed:H540mm
Robot Payload5kg ,include EOAT
Instruction TypesPTPLINEPLACE
ProtocolEtherCAT,Modbus   TCP/IP,CAN,RS485
Frame MaterialCarbon Steel /   SUS304#Stainless Steel
IP LevelIP54
Ambient Humidity≤75%No condensation
Voltage3 phase,380V/Customization
Noise Level≤85 dB