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Pick and Place Automation System (Picker Cell)

A fully automated Delta Robot based pick and place system for both primary and secondary Packaging.

What Can Picker Cell Do?

  • Intergrated With Horizontal Flow Wrap Packing Machine in Packaging.

  • Intergrated With Cartoning Machine in Cartoning.

  • What Objects Can be Pick and Place by Picker Cell ?

    Our expertise is specifically focused below :


    • Customized EOAT

      Multiple EOAT types available depending on application. Multiple packaging solutions available.

    • High Speed

      The speed is up to 120ppm per robot when the distance is 800mm.

    • Easy Maintenance

      Our machine is stable and reliable with few vulnerable parts. We also provide certain spare parts freely enough for you to use 2+ years, super cost-effective price to you if want more spare parts.